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Notes from our meeting on April 21st 2021

CEE Bill action debrief “surprised no school kids signed” “some people were uncomfortable due to Covid” “some talked for ages” “we emphasised we’d be quick, just asking if people had a moment to sign a climate change petition and explained

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Notes from our meeting on 14th April 2021

CEE Bill Leafletting continues – Wigginton has shown some support. G to take more to J and M in Bovingdon and Hemel. The Alliance is inviting people to ask their candidates for the May 6th elections to pledge their support. Action for all – ask

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Notes from our meeting on 7th April 2021

CEE Bill – Installation   Over Easter weekend, unmanned, this drew very few new signatures for the petition, so we decided to use it again on the high street, with a paper petition and hand gel, and Rebels to explain

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Notes from our meeting on 17th March 2021

CEE bill – Banners We will have four and agreed on locations and timings. K to make placards to go with… R’s banner? Twitterstorm will be at midday on 26th. Leaflets G to take more to M for Wigginton. Installation

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Notes from our meeting on 2nd Feb 2021

The bank action with the added dimension of crime scene tape went well, (inter)nationally and locally. We have a gnome variation for next time (gnome more fossil fuels). CEE bill Leafletting continues but we’re close to completion. Berkhamsted and Tring

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Notes from our meeting on February 24th

HS2 banner We were glad to play a part in the national action on Monday and join in the Twitterstorm. The banner looked great at the multi-storey car park and Hemel Today ran an online feature with lots of HS2

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