XR Dacorum

Extinction Rebellion


Notes from the end of January 2022

At our meeting on 25th January we discussed the UK Strategy for the next Rebellion from 9th April and committed to painting the streets and hosting a Heading for Extinction talk, inviting friends along. We now have a date: Tuesday

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Don’t Look Up

Rebels from XR Dacorum leafleted cinema-goers outside The Rex, Berkhamsted, before showings of the movie Don’t Look Up in January 2022. The majority of punters took a leaflet, devised by us, which answered the question WHAT CAN WE DO? having

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Notes from our first meeting of 2022

We discussed the film, DON’T LOOK UP, which will soon be shown at The Rex in Berkhamsted (13th and 21st) and The Odyssey in St Albans. While devastating, it is a great conversation opener. (See Peter Kalmus’s and George Monbiot’s

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On 9th December we stood on Berkhamsted High Street with this message, initially asking people what they thought or felt about COP 26. One person was “quite positive” about it (!) but many ignored the question and some didn’t know

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Notes from our meeting on 28th Sept 2021

Leslie and Sue debriefed on the Great Big Green Week show which went well and reduced some to tears. L also reported on attending the event on green investment. J reminded us about the march in Chesham on Sat 2nd.

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Notes from our meeting on 9th September 2021

Rebellion Debrief Most of us were positive about the impact and experience; G had mixed feelings. Everyone noted better reception from the public and more outreach. Camino to COP M and M went to Harpenden on Wed eve, greeted 20+

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