XR Dacorum

Extinction Rebellion

Dear Rishi: just NO

There’s been so much to motivate us as the government backtracks on Net Zero measures, ignores the Climate and Ecological Emergency at the Tory conference, plans new roads and gives the green light to Rosebank oil and gas field (combined emissions of the world’s 28 poorest nations combined), drawing condemnation from around the world.

And the XR occupation of the A12 in the Hague draws so much public support for their demand – an end to fossil fuel subsidies – that at 75% the Dutch government agrees to debate it. That’s in spite of over 6,000 protesters being arrested and the regular use of water cannons.

AND Marcus Decker, for several years the XR Song Carrier and now into his 2 year 7 month prison sentence for climbing above the Dartford Crossing, has started a 17-strong male choir which includes prison staff as well as inmates. He is teaching them to harmonise.

If you haven’t seen the Chris Packham documentary about the necessity of protest, it’s riveting and essential viewing. Chris has since written to Rishi Sunak proposing legal action unless policy changes. There’s climate litigation all over the world and many Just Stop Oil protesters have been acquitted recently.

Some XR Dacorum members have continued to protest with Defend Our Juries, outside St Albans Crown Court on September 25th, when 250 people carried the same sign as Trudi Warner outside courts around the country, and then on 6th October in Isleworth.

On 5th October we returned as local Rebels to the Tring Park Bridge at afternoon rush hour with our NO FUTURE in FOSSIL FUELS banner.

We have been supporting the Herts and Bucks Parents for Future group on Berkhamsted High Street on Saturday mornings with a petition to stop Rosebank, and are excited by their growth and energy.

A climate/eco hub yet to be named will launch in December and has grown out of the meeting we called months back to bring together local groups like Transition Town Berkhamsted, Greenpeace and Parents for Future as well as XR Dacorum and Berko town councillors.

Our next zoom will be on Tuesday 10th October at 6:30 pm. Link to follow but if it doesn’t appear here and you want to join, email us or suehampton@btinternet.com

OILY MONEY OUT starts next weekend with family-friendly protests on 17th,18th and 19th Oct in London.