XR Dacorum

Extinction Rebellion

End of year update

As 2024 approaches we remain a small core of active members within a large supportive group. Some of the core are involved with JSO too. Some are protesting regularly with Defend Our Juries. Some of us are behind Berkhamsted’s new monthly venture, The Eco Hub, which arose from our meeting with other local groups after The Big One. Sue is part of Christian Climate Action and the named individual on an XR challenge to the Kingsbury injunction. Sometimes, as on Saturday 25th September, we join with other XR groups like St Albans, in this case outside Barclays Bank.

But we have not given up on XR Dacorum. Our hope for next year is that more of our local supporters will join our meetings (mostly by Zoom) and find an active role.

Come to our CHRISTMAS SOCIAL: 9:30 at Epicure, Berkhamsted High Street, on 13th December.