XR Dacorum

Extinction Rebellion

Back on Berko high street vs new gas and oil

Stop Rosebank

Every Saturday in May we will be joining with Parents for Future to ask passers by in Berkhamsted to oppose Rosebank and all new gas and oil. On 4th more than 25 people added their sticker on the right side of the board over an hour. Can you join us on 11th, 18th or 25th May at 10:30, or just find us outside HSBC and add your own sticker?

Back on Tring Park Bridge

We are taking our banner NO FUTURE IN FOSSIL FUELS to Tring Park bridge once a month at 8 am. Get in touch if you can join us to hang it above the A41 and/or join us for coffee at 9 am.

Defend Our Juries

In spite of a just result for Trudi Warner in the Supreme Court recently, the campaign continues. Some of us have been inside and outside the Royal Courts of Justice this year and are active outside Crown Courts locally. Contact us if you’d like to hold a placard alerting jurors to their legal right to acquit according to conscience.

The aims of the Defend Our Juries campaign are: to bring to public attention the programme to undermine trial by jury in the context of those taking action to expose government dishonesty and corporate greed to raise awareness of the vital constitutional safeguard that juries can acquit a defendant as a matter of conscience, irrespective of a judge’s direction that there is no available defence (a principle also known as ‘jury equity’ or ‘jury nullification‘)to ensure that all defendants have the opportunity to explain their actions when their liberty is at stake, including by explaining their motivations and beliefs.

Other news

Recently Dacorum rebels have also taken part in the Funeral for Nature in Bath, along with friends in XR Chesham, and in the Christian Climate action occupation of Labour HQ on May Day.

Our next zoom meeting is on Tuesday 7th May at 6:30 pm:

Topic: Dacorum XR
Time: May 7, 2024 06:30 PM London

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