XR Dacorum

Extinction Rebellion

As more weather records fall around the world…

Local actions and news

We are now hanging our banner, NO FUTURE IN FOSSIL FUELS, from Tring Park Bridge once a month. In spite of the bright cold this time we are very conscious that February was the warmest on record and one of the wettest.

After showings of The End We Start From at The Rex in February we gave out flyers listing local groups, including ours, to those leaving the cinema – virtually all of whom accepted one.

We will resume our presence on Berkhamsted High Street on Saturday 23rd March at 10:30. We have a two-sided board where people can add a sticker supporting Sunak in “maxing out” on new gas and oil, or agreeing with the International Energy Agency, Climate Change Committee and United Nations Secretary General that we can’t burn any more new gas or oil. Let us know if you can help on any Saturday morning over the next few weeks.

The Eco Hub in Berko, which arose from The Big One last year when we met with other local groups to find a collaborative way forward, is thriving with support from Parents for Future at the Quaker Meeting House (on the high street) on the first Sunday afternoon of each month. The most recent focus was on green finance and Frieda from Tipping Point and Money Rebellion shared a switchit.green presentation about the difference your ethical, fossil-free banking makes, while Seb Beloe from WHEB talked about green investment.

National actions

Some of us took part in the week of action targeting insurance companies and opposing the East African Crude Oil Pipeline and other carbon projects dependent on insurer backing.

Some of us also continue to campaign with Defend Our Juries as some judges follow the totalitarian government line by failing to acknowledge in court the long-established legal right of jurors (Bethel’s Law) to give their verdict according to their conscience/convictions, preventing climate activists from speaking about climate change or using any line of defence and prosecuting or threatening those who are upholding Bethel’s Law. Judge Silas Reid has now told jurors that if they try to acquit a climate defendant they may be subject to criminal charges!!!

We Zoom most Tuesday evenings at 6:30. Please let us know if you would like to join our WhatsApp group for details and all other news.