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A huge thank you from Sue to Mark and Nigel at the Rising Sun, where a Quiz Night to help fund her recent fines and costs raised £792! Sue was sorry to miss it through illness but Leslie took the opportunity and the mic to deliver a passionate speech which reached all corners of the pub, calling on everyone to join the rebellion and put April 21st 2023 in their diaries.

Our hero Graham took part in a JSO road block by Parliament; S supported with a banner and was selected beforehand for a prolonged stop and search opposite Downing Street.

The Festival of Resistance 22-24 October made a mark, with great speeches and the usual XR creativity, and celebrated growing diversity. L was part of the team programming the stage. Our task now is to invite as many friends as possible to the BIG Rebellion from April 21st next year. With a PM who hasn’t yet mentioned the climate crisis, plans for more than a hundred new fossil fuel projects and an Environment Minister who endorses RoundUp, the UK government must fear censure at COP 27 over its climate policies, recently declared unlawful by the High Court. Polls show that increasing numbers support direct action.

SIT FOR CLIMATE continues on Berko high street most Saturday mornings at 11 outside HSBC at 11, with STOP ROSEBANK flyers. Do join us.

The Better Without Barclays campaign is back and you’re invited for a Day of Action on November 14th. Message us if you’d like to be involved locally or can take part Digital Actions for the coming weeks to make as much noise online as in the streets.

 I’ll join the Tweetstorm on November 14th!

NEXT WEEK WE WILL ZOOM TWICE to include everyone who wants to join us. Stand by for links to meetings on Tuesday 1st November at 6:30 and Thurs 3rd at 7:30.

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