XR Dacorum

Extinction Rebellion


Banner drop

On Tuesday 2nd August, 5 – 7 pm, five of us met on the bridge over the A41 by Tring Park and hung a 10m banner with the message NO FUTURE IN FOSSIL FUELS. The response from motorists was mixed, with van drivers the least positive, but there was certainly some support below. The police arrived at 6:55 having “had a few calls”, but were happy that we were not obstructing anything. The next day we had four new members joining the Facebook group.

Stop Cambo and Jackdaw

Our member R is a spokesperson for this group which is having a week of action from 22nd August. We will be leafleting and would be grateful for volunteers to do a street or two. Contact us!

But before that, on 18th August, 10:00, we will be on Berko high street with some street theatre, so do get in touch if you can join us with a placard.