XR Dacorum

Extinction Rebellion

A new affinity group

At our meeting on 10th May Sue reported on disrupting Standard Chartered AGM and on the Fossil Free London protest at Shell HQ. We agreed that Sue would ask the new Affinity Group members about a first action locally in preparation for the September Rebellion. M to do a recce.

Another M was on trial so we thought of her. She was fined.

Leslie has communicated with Garrick Stevens on Berko Town Council about the tree planting project and will be kept in the loop so let us know if you would like to help with this initiative.

On 17th May we confirmed that R’s STOP CAMBO/STOP JACKDAW leaflets are with the printers and should be ready for use at the Sit for Climate slot, 11:00 on 21st. CAN YOU JOIN US outside HSBC?

L reported taking part in Susfest Harpenden (Change the World through Music) which will be an annual event, and alerted people to a possible Big Green Week concert he will pull together for 24th September.

M reported on his recce and we allocated roles, pencilling in a date for this action (non-arrestable but eye-catching for social media and the local press). We will aim to book NVDA training, so if you’d like to join us please let us know and don’t forget the PICNIC at 3pm on 12th June at Berkhamsted Castle.

Sue reported on the Just Stop Oil protest in solidarity with climate prisoners at the Royal Courts of Justice, and the depressing fact that due to zero media coverage, no one knows of the sacrifices made by these heroes.

Next meeting by Zoom: 31st May. Link to follow.