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At our Zoom meeting on 3rd May we discussed a few issues local and otherwise.

M and Y have photographed and measured the tree that may still be under threat on Station Road and Y has added it to the Woodland Trust website to be preserved.

Climate Cafe: Sue hasn’t heard any more from the three people who have committed to establishing this at the Open Door in Berkhamsted but we agreed to suggest alternating with Tring’s Climate Cafe. Sue to follow up with H.

Sit for Climate: Last Saturday four of us sat outside fossil bank HSBC for an hour from 11:00. Please join us next Saturday or any other if you can. S and L to produce a board with our website, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram on it.

Press Action trial: Sue, G and B will be on trial at St Albans Magistrates’ Court next Monday-Thursday for blockading the billionaire press at Newsprinters in Broxbourne in September 2020. The appeal to the High Court failed in spite of unconstitutional political interference from NewsCorp (clear but unproven; two senior police officers lost messages on their phones) via the Home Office (documented) so we expect to be found guilty.

We discussed ways to bring inactive members into a committed action space – to use XR jargon! – and have set a date for a PICNIC AT THE CASTLE, 3:00 on Sunday 12th June. Bring cake and/or nibbles, preferably vegan. It would be lovely to see you.

XR Gardening Group – this is a new nationwide initiative and could be a way of bringing in new people. Please contact us if you are interested in setting this up or taking part.

An affinity group for the next Rebellion in September: Given the small handful of arrestables in our group, we agreed to contact experienced Rebels in XR Chesham, St Albans and Tring, and perhaps Aylesbury Vale, in order to form a solid group who can commit to arrestable action in September, in the hope of adding other Rebels in support roles. Sue to make contact with this proposal. We can then organise training. Some of these experienced Rebels intervened the next day in the Standard Chartered AGM.

NO MEETING next week in view of the trial. Our next Zoom meeting will be on Tuesday 10th May at 6:30.

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