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People up and down the country have been blocking oil facilities successfully for 5 days through snow and rain. When they have been removed they have returned hours later, stronger and more determined than before. We’re not going to stop until the government agrees to stop all new fossil fuel investments immediately.  Their resilience is starting to have an impact. The disruption created by the actions of Extinction Rebellion and the Just Stop Oil coalition is being felt as oil depots are forced to suspend operations, meaning the dilemma for the government will soon be determined.  Will you fund the Rebellion and support us to keep applying the pressure? 
Fund the Rebellion
Your help is needed now more than ever as momentum builds. £20 can provide someone with a care package to help sit in the cold rain for hours locked on.£50 can pay for a train ticket to get someone to the blockade and provide more people power. 
Fund the Rebellion
Yesterday, the latest IPCC report was released and the media have barely covered it. But António Guterres, Secretary General of the United Nations, said the following: “Leaders must lead, but all of us can do our part. We owe a debt to young people, civil society and indigenous communities for sounding the alarm and holding leaders accountable. We need to build on their work to create a grassroots movement that cannot be ignored.” “Demand an end to all fossil fuel subsidies.” Now is the time. Thank you for supporting an end to fossil fuels. XR UK 

See you on the 8:46 train from Berko on Saturday 9th April. Bring:

placards, flags, banners etc; waterproofs and layers; a water bottle; bowl, mug and spork; suncream and hat; snacks; cash; and Oyster card; and, in case of arrest, a good book, medication, (superglue) and NO PHONE unless you have a burner.

Our next meeting will be on 19th April at 6:30.

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Time: Apr 19, 2022 06:30 PM London

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