XR Dacorum

Extinction Rebellion

Notes from our meeting on 28th Sept 2021

Leslie and Sue debriefed on the Great Big Green Week show which went well and reduced some to tears. L also reported on attending the event on green investment.

J reminded us about the march in Chesham on Sat 2nd. Meet at the Town Hall at 10:30. TICK TOCK, CLIMATE CLOCK, ACT NOW.

L talked about the shocking Chatham House report by international risk assessors.

Sue ran through a proposed structure for our first in-person meeting on 5th October, 7:30 at the Quaker Meeting House, 289 Berkhamsted High Street. S to provide vegan zero-waste nibbles and vegan milk. Who will bring coffee? Sue to add Covid regs to Facebook event: wear mask and bring your own mug. Sue will also share event on TTB and Berko Ecological Concern on Facebook, and prepare IPCC sentences.

Leslie to pin flyers to noticeboards in Berko.

We agreed to use a Climatometer on Berko high street on the morning of Sunday 10th October, 11-12. K to produce the chart which can be fixed to Laura Ashley window for that hour. S and L to check whether they still have stickers for the public to use. K, L and S will be there with it at 11.

Our bank action now has 12 Rebels signed up.

We talked about James Brown in prison. Letters can be sent to James Brown A5398ER, HMP Wandsworth, Heathfield Road, London SW18 3HU, or email jamesprisonmail@gmail.com but either way please use large print.

Leslie interviews John Bell of Transition Town Berkhamsted
Raeeka from Dacorum Against Racism talks about climate justice meaning racial justice.
The Devines were terrific.