XR Dacorum

Extinction Rebellion

Notes from our meeting on 21st September 2021

Great Big Green Week

Eco Fair debrief: little passing trade but some good conversations. 5 people signed up for updates on our activities. We gave out 50 flyers about our in-person meeting on 5th October and the show on 22nd.

S and L attended the Kids’ Climate Walk (Berko) the next day – good turnout, led by kids on the megaphone. Could be the beginning of local children’s action.

Berkhamsted Live Goes Green is on 22nd Sept, FREE, at the Civic Centre, 7:30.

XR Chesham action will be on Saturday 2nd October, meeting at 10:30. J to borrow science banner, but first M will borrow it and then pass on to J.

J also reported on XR Chesham presence at Peace in the Park which drew a wide range of people.

Some of us will support the Global Youth Climate Strike this Friday 24th Sept, 11:00 Parliament Square.

Bank action: We discussed the possibility of glue and/or stickers to add to the mix. ATM still trying to confirm participants and roles via the Signal group.

And yes, of course we discussed IB and the M25.

Next meeting by Zoom: Tuesday 28th Sept, 6:30. Link to follow.