XR Dacorum

Extinction Rebellion

Notes from our meeting on 27th July 2021

Action debriefs

  1. We were glad to support XR Tring’s anti-plastic parade last weekend and pleased that the turnout was pretty good. At Tesco the area manager had come to the store because of the action and was sympathetic. Graham deserved his prize for best costume!

We agreed not to organise a similar event in Berko until next year.

  • Sunday morning’s action outside Laura Ashley on Berko high street began discouragingly but after that we had some good conversations and collected about a dozen signatures for the CEE Bill petition to Gagan. There were 7 of us and shoppers didn’t like ‘running the gauntlet’, with many of them avoiding the area we left when we were on both sides, so we learned not to repeat that. The science banner is very dense and nobody took the considerable time required to read it, so we thought we would try putting that on the pavement a few steps away from us next time, with a Rebel standing at each end, and focus more on the large CEE Bill banner. We were able to invite a few supporters to the Rebellion.

We will be back on Sunday 8th August, 11-12 am.

  • Oily Bank Action

           Our visit to Barclays in Aylesbury this week was our third oily protest and     

           the most successful in terms of the ‘oil’ which is now perfect (thanks, G!)     

          but the location was quiet so there weren’t many spectators.

We set dates for two more Barclays visits in August, taking leaflets    

inviting people to the Rebellion. Please get in touch if you’d like to take part.

Rebellion in London (The Impossible Rebellion)

Sue to invite individual members to come along.

Change of date for our in-person meeting: not 28th Sept but 5th October, 7:30pm.

Next meeting: Tuesday 3rd August at 6:30. Link to follow.