XR Dacorum

Extinction Rebellion

Notes from our meeting on 9th June 2021

Wildflower Meadow – Fields End

Bravo Graham for persistence with bureaucracy. Thanks to Holly Patel for the coverage in Hemel Today.

Tring Park Picnic

This is a combination of a social and another action in support of the CEE Bill. We will collect more signatories for our petition to Gagan Mohindra. The timing is 11-3 but drop by any time, meet us on the bridge, and picnic in Tring Park. Bring food for yourself or to share. The police have taken an interest so we may have company but XR advises extreme caution when talking to Police Liaison officers, who may be delightful but information gatherers.

Further bank action

We decided not to give the Berko branch of Barclays a send-off. Details of another bank action TBC. G to ask someone from St Albans to livestream.

June Rebellion Weekend 26th and 27th.

G is making boards for those who would like them to add their own FREE THE PRESS type messaging. For details see the XR website.

Berkhamsted Town Council

We hope very much that next Monday the Council will agree to back the CEE Bill. We will then publicise, celebrate and inform Gagan.

18th-25th September the Town Council hopes to run a Big Green Week. We discussed ways in which we could take part: music and interviews, a climate talk, a panel discussion involving XR and other local groups… IF YOU HAVE SUGGESTIONS, please contact us.

M reported that the St Albans Sustainability Festival was successful and 90 signatures were collected in support of the CEE Bill. MP Daisy Cooper and the leader of the council both back the bill with enthusiasm.

A change of day and time for our meetings

We agreed that from next week we will meet at 6:30 on Tuesdays. M will host and send out the link on Sunday/Monday each week. Sue to contact Watford Quakers with gratitude for hosting thus far. So our next meeting will be at 6:30 on Tuesday 15th June.  

Topic: XR Dacorum Zoom
Time: Jun 15, 2021 06:30 PM London

Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 780 6530 5191
Passcode: t4i9eS

We discussed meeting in person in a park asap, as XR Chesham have arranged to do.


The Press Action trials remain in limbo with trial 2 being adjourned again for the judge to examine evidence of abuse of process by the Home Office. The Independent has now picked up on this news, and MSN followed. Our Rebels therefore do not expected to be on trial next week as scheduled, since ours is Trial 6.