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Extinction Rebellion

Notes from our meeting on April 21st 2021

CEE Bill action debrief

“surprised no school kids signed” “some people were uncomfortable due to Covid” “some talked for ages” “we emphasised we’d be quick, just asking if people had a moment to sign a climate change petition and explained briefly if they said yes” “The installation was eye-catching but not essential” “lots wore earbuds so were unreachable” “better to write down details for people” “NO unpleasantness or negativity” “most who stopped were interested” “one driver stopped to sign” “a positive experience”

With the installation outside Laura Ashley 11-3 on 21st April, we collected a fair few signatures for the petition to Gagan Mohindra. S to share it on other local groups. We also hung the banner from the multi-storey car park where it didn’t draw a lot of attention. S wrote a press release.


M and K are eager to repeat in Tring asap. M to recruit Tring Rebels.

We are all trying to contact election candidates asking them to back the bill but emails are hard to find so will try to track them down on Facebook.

On 9th May we will hang the long banner at an agreed location, 11 – 3.


Since the meeting S has pulled out of the action on 30th April which is most likely cancelled now.

M recommended the Book of Trespass.

RO1 plans continue.

No official news yet of the Dacorum Development Plan but an announcement is expected soon and we hope it will be good news.

Next meeting:

Topic: Extinction Rebellion Dacorum

Time: Apr 28, 2021 07:30 PM London

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