XR Dacorum

Extinction Rebellion

Notes from our meeting on 27th January 2021

First, here’s the link to the NEXT meeting:

Topic: Extinction Rebellion DacorumTime: Feb 3, 2021 07:30 PM LondonJoin Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 984 0190 4210Passcode: 497960

We continue to leaflet about the #CEEbill (we may need more), display posters and share the two petitions – AND post Sunday morning pictures: I’m asking my MP to support the Climate and Ecological Emergency Bill #CEEbill Have you asked yours? WHY NOT MAKE YOURS A FILM AND SAY A FEW WORDS?

Sue to share the film of Caroline Lucas launching the bill last September here and on the Facebook page. We considered the possibility of a banner too…

Stickering was arranged. G had an idea for the future with Barclays…

Dacorum Development Plan – one positive reply so far from Councillor Stephen Claughton who thanked us. Maria will attend a meeting with Tring Transition. It seems possible that we could work together with other groups on this.

COP26 – Sue to check whether XR could be an invited organisation among “other voices” or “activists”.

HS2 rebels: G has raised £200 and will take supplies.

We celebrated Biden’s beginning and the poll that shows a higher % of people in the UK consider this a climate crisis than in any other country. Credit to XR!