XR Dacorum

Extinction Rebellion


extinction rebellion flag Image by Pete Linforth from Pixabay

Notes from our latest meeting

Plans for the next few months: People are keen to continue with a regular presence on local high streets when weather improves, e.g. our regular Sunday morning outside Berkhamsted Civic Centre. We plan to restart this (either as vigil or

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For Life by Sue Hampton


As an author for the last eleven years, I’ve created a few activist characters, and I used to see my writing as my own activism – but that changed. Having been with XR from October 31st last year, I was

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XR Grandparents Outside Berkhamsted Civic Centre

Their Present, Our Future

XR Grandparents were on Berkhamsted High Street on 5th December, with THEIR PRESENT, OUR FUTURE. We will meet on Zoom on Wednesday 16th December to regenerate ready for 2021. If you’re new to XR nationally or to XR Dacorum, please

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